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Pet Boarding

Pet Boarding At Our Animal Clinic In Kissimmee

When you're planning a holiday trip, vacation, cross-country business event, or any other kind of extended journey, you have a lot of details to attend to, including your beloved pets’ safety and security. You may not be able to bring your furry friends with you during your trips, which means that you need to find the best possible care for them while you're away. You'll find that care here at Allendale Animal Health Center. Our animal clinic in Kissimmee offers first-class veterinary boarding services to ensure your pets’ comfort and happiness until you can return to them.


Going Away? Entrust Your Dogs or Cats to Our Veterinarian and Team

You don't want to make the all-too-common error of simply leaving your dogs or cats alone in the house for days at a time, even if you have a friend or neighbor willing to provide daily feedings to them. Pets need closer supervision than that, partly for reasons of emotional security. Pets who feels abandoned may experience a condition called separation anxiety, with results that are both bad for their emotional health. Your pet's physical health must also be considered. Some animals have medical conditions that require regular monitoring, medication or other attention. If your pet is suddenly injured or taken ill, you need to know that a skilled professional is on hand to help. That's why boarding your pet with a veterinarian is such a smart step to take whenever you have to be separated from your pet. 

Pet Boarding Services

When you board your pets at Allendale Animal Health Center, you don't have to worry about whether a friend or neighbor will remember to stop by, or what may happen if your animals need immediate care. Our team of experienced veterinary professionals will make sure that your pets have:

  • Clean, spacious, comfortable surroundings with bedding
  • Regular, nutritious meals and plenty of water
  • Access to indoor or outdoor playtime
  • Lots of care and affection
  • Any favorite treats or toys you care to provide
  • Veterinary care, including any necessary treatment for an existing condition

We need you to make sure that your furry animals are current on their vaccinations, pest preventatives, and wellness exam before reserving a space for them at our boarding facility. Available spaces will be limited to certain times of year, and we allow pets up to 40 pounds. Contact us as far in advance as possible so that our veterinarian can provide the necessary care. If your pets have diet restrictions, please let us know.

We Can Keep Your Pet Happy and Safe

Don't spend your entire journey worrying about whether your pets will be okay in your absence. Call Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee at 407-348-3444 for more information about our pet boarding services.


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