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Pet Dental

Pet Dental Care In Kissimmee

Does your pets have stinky breath, or visible signs of tooth decay? Whether your pets are already having dental issues or their teeth appear to be clean, pet dental care is an important part of your animals’ health care. At Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee, our veterinarian is an expert in providing a full range of pet dental care services, from basic cleaning to complex surgeries. Read on to learn more about why your furry animals’ dental health matters. 


Why Teeth Cleaning Matters

We know that it's important for humans to have their teeth cleaned regularly, and it's just as important for our furry family members. There are a few reasons why pet dental care is such a vital part of your pets’ health and wellness. Unclean teeth tend to accumulate tartar, which can attract harmful bacteria. Teeth that have not been cleaned are also more likely to be affected by gum disease, which can lead to bleeding and small tears in the gums. When your pets have a mouth full of bacteria and small tears in the gums, infections can occur both orally and internally. Dental problems can also be very painful for your companion animals, and may result in behavioral changes or a lack of interest in food. 

Dental Surgery with Our Veterinarian

Anesthesia is used for the vast majority of dental procedures at our animal clinic, from general cleanings to tooth extractions. This is important for the safety of your furry animals. Pets can become uncomfortable with a veterinarian poking around in their mouth, especially with sharp tools. Anesthesia allows your furry animals to not feel pain or anxiety during the procedure. When it comes to dental surgery, we're experienced and pride ourselves at being the best at what we do. We provide the least invasive measures necessary to keep your pets’ mouth healthy. Whether your furry animals need a simple tooth extraction or a more complicated procedure, such as tumor removal, we'll work to fix the problem as quickly and simply as possible. After surgery, we'll give you a full list of aftercare instructions. Our veterinarian will answer any questions that you may have about your pets’ recovery. 

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If your beloved animals are in need of a teeth cleaning or a more complex dental procedure, call Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee at 407-348-3444. We'll work with you to help your pets get the dental care that they need.



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