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Spay & Neuter

If you are a new dog or cat owner, and your pet has not had a spay or neuter appointment, it is important to seek assistance in having this surgery conducted as soon as possible. Contact Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee to make an appointment with our veterinarian for an initial appointment. Here are the reasons why spaying or neutering is important, as well as what you can expect before and after your pet's stay at our animal clinic.


Why It Is Important to Alter Your Pet

Your pet can reproduce if it has not had a spay or neuter appointment. With so many unwanted kittens and puppies in the country today, it is wise to protect your pet from contributing to increasing numbers if you do not wish to care for these animals yourself. In addition to eliminating the risk of reproduction, spaying or neutering will protect your pet against some reproductive cancers. Many dogs and cats also stop nuisance behaviors such as aggression, yowling, excessive barking, running away from the home to search for a mate, and marking territory.

What to Expect Before Your Pet's Surgery

Our veterinarian will conduct an evaluation of your pet's health before they are scheduled for a surgical procedure. This ensures they are healthy enough for spaying or neutering or if they need to wait until a medical condition is treated. Our veterinarian will alert you to the need to refrain from feeding your dog or cat for several hours before their surgery time. This is because we use general anesthesia for surgeries, and there is a possibility of aspiration if there are stomach contents present within your pet. 

What to Expect After Your Pet's Surgery

After your pet is altered, our veterinarian will check on their condition frequently while they are kept in our facility. We will not release your pet until it can safely be cared for at home. When your pet is recuperating from their surgery, they may not want to eat or drink for a while after they are released. This is normal, however, contact us if they do not seem interested in eating or drinking after a day has passed. Check on your pet's incision for bleeding or the presence of pus. If your pet seems to be in pain, contact our veterinarian immediately for a follow-up appointment.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

If you are interested in having your cat or dog spayed or neutered, they will require an evaluation beforehand. Contact Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee to make an appointment with our veterinarian. Reach out to our animal clinic by calling us at 407-348-3444, and we will answer any questions you may have about this important procedure.


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