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Pet Vaccinations

Dog and Cat Vaccinations at Allendale Animal Health Center

Dogs and cats may seem like relatively sturdy and robust animals, but they actually face many serious threats to their health and wellness every day, including life-threatening infectious diseases. Thankfully, your pet's immune system can develop antibodies to fight off invading germs, but it needs some extra help and preparation in protecting against the most common and deadly threats. That's why you'll want to schedule dog and cat vaccinations here at Allendale Animal Health Center in Kissimmee.


How Vaccinations Protect Against Diseases

An animal's immune system creates antibodies when it encounters particular diseases. These antibodies are crafted to attack and kill specific germs. Unfortunately, an initial exposure to the germ is necessary before the immune system can learn how to manufacture effective antibodies against it. This limitation means that a really dangerous disease could cause death before the immune system has a chance to respond. Vaccinations act as stand-ins for the germs in question. A typical vaccine is a deactivated or synthesized form of the germ, one which can be introduced safely into an animal's body without causing infection. The immune system responds as it would to an active threat, creating antibodies and then "remembering" how to make those antibodies as long as the vaccine remains potent.

Vaccination Programs from Our Kissimmee Veterinarian

Pets need to be vaccinated as early in life as possible, which usually means that we want to start them on their first set of shots at 6 weeks of age. Our Kissimmee veterinarian provides a full range of puppy and kitten vaccinations. All puppies should receive specific "core" vaccinations that protect them against rabies, canine distemper, hepatitis, and parvo. Kittens should routinely receive core vaccinations against rabies, calicivirus, rhinotracheitis, and feline distemper. Some pets should also have specific "non-core" or elective vaccinations. These vaccinations protect against diseases that tend to occur in certain environments or circumstances. Lyme disease vaccinations, for instance, make sense for pets who live in heavily-wooded areas, while vaccinations against "kennel cough" are important for pets who share boarding or daycare spaces with other animals.

Your little friend will need to receive several rounds of shots before he reaches adulthood, followed by periodic booster shots as needed.  Our animal clinic makes this routine easier by offering convenient annual pet vaccination/exam packages.

Schedule These All-Important Shots at Our Animal Clinic

Our Kissimmee animal clinic wants to help you give your pet the best possible chance for a healthy, lengthy life. Call Allendale Animal Health Center today at (407) 348-3444 to schedule these all-important shots!


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